We're officially 1 year old!

Today marks our first birthday here at Inked Angels and what a year it's been! We've met so many great people and got to experience our first ever Exxxoctica, which was an awesome experience! We appreciate all the ladies who've appeared on our site, as well as the readers who come to check out these gorgeous women! In our second year, we're looking to upgrade our site to something hopefully a little more flashy and that our visitors will enjoy even more. Thanks again and please keep coming back for more stunning Angels!







Paige Paine

We're very pleased to present Paige Paine as our next Angel. She's a 23 year old from Chicago who measures in at a stunning 5'8", 129lbs, 34B-24-28.

When we asked Paige what she has for tats and how much time she has in them, she responded "Too many! A Hayao Miyazaki-themed sleeve in the works. Numerous music and animal-themed tattoos. And a history quote on my thigh. I've lost count on how many and the many, many hours put into them. Well over 24hours.". She also has 9 piercings including Angel bites, a nose stud, her septum, nipples, belly button and ears at gauge 12.

Paige has been in the industry for 3 years now and got her start in modeling by originally wanting to be a Suicide Girl. That didn't work out and she went on to do nude/fetish/alt/art modeling and working on cam sites. She is now in the running to be a Burning Angel! Some past projects include modeling on Femphocus.com and Zivity.com and she'll also be shooting for Inked Magazine soon.

Musically, she enjoys Metal and Indie music with Rammstein being her favorite. For hobbies, she enjoys modeling and working with animals. She's also into gaming and loves PC games, as well as PlayStation gaming. She says she only has a PS2 right now, but wants to get a PS3 soon. For games, she's in love with The Sims, but her all-time favorite game is Kingdom Hearts. She's not really into sports, but if she had to pick a team to cheer for it would be the Green Bay Packers. When kicking back and relaxing she enjoys watching an Indie flick, punk cult films or anything by Hayao Miyazaki. Her top three favorite movies are Funny Games, The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things and Requiem For A Dream. Greek salad really gets her mouth salivating and she enjoys anything with silver Rum in it to wash it down. We asked her who her heroes are or who she looks up to, to which she answered "Skin Diamond, Razor Candi, Raquel Reed, and Rachel Lynch".

Paige told us the craziest place she's ever had sex was in the backyard of a house where nuns live! When it comes to sex, she likes a little of both in terms of making love or just straight up fucking. She lists her favorite sexual position as doggy style. Her biggest turnon is a dominant man and the thing that most turns her off is submissive men. We asked her if there is anything that gets her pussy instantly wet and she responded with "Hot alt girls, short girls, short brunette hair, tattoos, piercings, cute faces". She says she has had girl-on-girl sex and says girls sometimes know how to fuck better. She also has checked off squirting and group sex from her bucket list! The most uncommon thing she's ever masturbated with was a comb handle. Her favorite type of panties are vintage designs, lace, thongs or boy shorts. She has a glass dildo but says she wants to get a rubber toy next.

We asked her if there was anything else she'd like our readers to know, and she replied with, "Don't hesitate to follow me and add me on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. I'm super friendly and down to earth and I like hearing from my fans! Just search Paige Paine on those sites or even Google me!".

Make sure to check out this beauty on these sites as well...

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/PaigePaine

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Paige-Paine/214452485232208

Tumblr: http://paigepaine.tumblr.com/


Our first Angel of the New Year is the stunning Myra, a 25 year old who reigns from Catland. She has more than 7 tats, but her bows and birds are her favorites. For piercings, she has just her naval done.

When asked how she got her start in modeling and how long she's been doing it for, she replied "I'm a huge pervert. That's how it started....it's a recent adventure.". So far she has added Gods Girls and Burning Angel to her resume and says she has a few more things in the works.

Prince, Swans, The Birthday party + Nick Cave, KISS, Lydia Lunch, Dinosaur Jr., Manic Street Preachers, Kent, King Crimson, The Shangri-Las, and Current 93 are a few of her favorite musical artists. Bladerunner and Videodrome are her all-time favorite movies with Vincent Gallo, Werner Herzog, Von Trier, Maya Deren, and Guy Maddin being her favorite directors. Myra says Cotton Candy is her favorite food.

When asked where the kinkiest place she's ever had sex was, Myra responded with, "My lips are sealed". Her favorite sexual positions include being restrained, face down/ass up, or girl on top. We asked Myra what her biggest turnons were, to which she replied, "Big eyes, baby faces, arrogance and dominance", while "inexperience" is her biggest turnoff. Myra's favorite type of panties are black laced with a garter belt. Her favorite weapon to get herself off is her Rabbit vibrator.

Please make sure to check Myra out on these sites as well...

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/_missmyra

GodsGirls: http://www.godsgirls.com/girls/myra

Merry Christmas!

We here at Inked Angels would like to wish all of our viewers a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!! We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of the ladies who have been featured on our site and send out a special thanks to all of our fans! You guys have all made this an amazing experience and we hope you stick around to see all the amazing women we will be featuring in the new year!

Below are a few ladies who wanted to spread some Christmas joy to all of our readers. Enjoy!







@Tempest Raven

Sally Sparrow

Up next on Inked Angels is the beautiful Sally Sparrow, a 32 year old from Colorado who measures in at a stunning 34-29-36!

For tattoos, Sally currently has a mermaid on her left thigh, swallows on her chest, and a pinup girl based on Barbarella and Lexi Belle on her right arm. All in all, she has about 35 hours of tattoo work done on her. Sally also has her tongue, navel, bridge, lower lip, and hood pierced, as well as multiple ear piercings. She used to have her nipples done as well and is thinking of having them re-pierced soon.

Sally got her start in modeling about 8 years ago thanks to her husband buying a nice new camera to play with. Sally did some pinup poses for him and he thought they were great and that she should look into doing some with a professional photographer. Sally went for it, and while the photographer was editing her pictures, his friend saw them and wanted to do a shoot with her as well. When she first started out, she shot some softcore type of shots, as well as goth fashion, Lolita, fetish, and artistic nudes and has only been doing the more racy and hardcore stuff for about a year now.

For past projects, Sally told us "When I was first starting, I was a part of a documentary called Beauty 24 (TheBeautyProject.com) which was about a photographer, Steve Gatlin, traveling through 24 states in 24 days shooting one timed exposure a night on film, so 24 shots. I got to be the Colorado model. That was by and far one of my favorites! I’ve also been bodypainted for shoots and fashion shows and was even an installation piece as a tribute to Picasso’s ‘Girl Before A Mirror’ for a friend of mine. Fashion shows, some of my images have been larger than life gallery pieces, posed for an artist for a pixie statue. Most recently, I was on a Burning Angel dvd called ‘Eat Me Out’ and in a book my friend, GMark Lewis (GMarkArt.com), put out called ‘Nightmare Ballet’ Oh! I got to be the ring girl for the Bouncing Souls when they were in Denver! That was a lot of fun, too!". For upcoming projects, Sally told us she is hoping to shoot 'something awesome soon', but can't tell us what it is just yet. She will also be working with Grindhouse XXX (GrindhouseXXX.com) in the near future as well and is hoping for more work with her friends Steve Gatlin and Gmark, and hopefully much more!

When it comes to music, Sally likes to listen to all kinds. "I love Industrial, Punk, Rock, Metal.. I recently got more into house, hardcore, dub step, drum and bass. My favorite band is the Toadies. Okay, maybe it’s a toss up between the Toadies and Rancid", she told us. As for hobbies, Sally is a huge geek and loves sci-fi and video games (mostly rpg types), and also loves to read. She is currently hooked on ‘Game of Thrones’, and added "Masturbating doesn’t count as a hobby, does it? lol". Sally says she is very much a beer girl and will try any kind, but prefers pilsners. She also enjoys vodka and rum drinks on occasion, but doesn't typically like "girly" drinks. When it comes to movies, Sally is a big Guy Ritchie fan, but her favorite movie is a toss-up between Fight Club and The Fifth Element. When we asked Sally what her favorite food/meal was, she said, "I love good food and trying new foods. Steak is definitely a favorite, but only if it’s done right. I also love Mexican food, Italian and Japanese.".

When we asked Sally where the craziest place she's ever had sex was, she told us, "Hmm. Stopped at a rest area and put a sign up on the door of the women’s room that said “Out of Order” and went to town. You could hear people coming and going outside. (I) Also often have sex on the desk in front of large open windows that face the street. Anyone can see us. Kind of fun. ;)".

Sally doesn't really have a favorite sex position as she enjoys them all. She said it really depends on the person she is with because some positions work fine with one person, but not another, so she likes to try them all. Sally told us she's a submissive, so her biggest turnon is "any guy that can take charge without being a total dick about it is pretty hot.". Arrogance and body odor totally turn her off! Sally's favorite type of panties are boyshorts, but she likes anything that makes her ass look good! Sally told us she owns "Lots!" of sex toys, but her favorite is a cock-shaped jelly vibrator because it is great for insertion and vibration!

We really enjoyed getting to know Sally Sparrow and we're sure you will too! Make sure to check her out on these sites as well...

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/xoxSallySparrow

Burning Angel: http://www.burningangel.com/girls/SallySparrow/

Amazon Wishlist: http://amzn.com/w/2JKALPA117DG6

Noel Cypress

For our next feature, Inked Angels is proud to welcome the beautiful Noel Cypress. Noel is 21 years old and resides in Iowa. Her measurements are a beautiful 32C-30-36.

For tattoos, Noel told us, "Right now I only have two. I have Wizardmon from Digimon on my lower tummy which took about two hours, and a star on my right knee which took about one hour. I'm planning on getting Digivices on the back of my thighs soon too, as well as many more incredibly nerdy tatts". Noel also has her labret pierced, as well as her left nostril, and ears pierced twice.

Noel has been in the business for almost 2 years now. She got her start when her friend suggested she be on Suicide Girls, but Noel wanted to take a more "nerdy route". Currently she works for Geek Girls Online and also works on her own site doing all sorts for Cosplays, and as she put it "nerdy sexy shit". For past projects, Noel has pretty much just been working on her own site, but as for other stuff she has had a few photo shoots here and there. For upcoming projects Noel said, "At Noel's Naughty Nook we've been discussing a Noel-based comic book as well as opening up a broader site called "The Naughty Nook" with other girls in it, but both are still in rough drafts".

For music, Noel likes just about everything, but says her all-time favorite band is The Goo Goo Dolls. When she isn't modeling or working on her site, Noel enjoys video games and sewing. She also collects magic cards and Heroclix as well. Her favorite kind of alcoholic drink is a Pina Colada. When watching movies, she enjoys horror and sci fi, with her all-time favorite movie being Pans Labyrinth. For food, Noel said that her favorite meal would be "Japanese. Sushi. NOM. My favorite meal would be some good sushi with rice on the side and a Mr. Pibb to sip on with some Mochi for dessert".

The craziest place that Noel has ever had sex was in a haunted corn maze with customers walking all around. Her favorite sex position is doggy. Her biggest turnons are geekiness, candles, blue skin, older guys and cute girls that are smaller than her. For turnoffs, Noel doesn't like 'snarky asshats who think they know everything'. For panties, Noel loves wearing boy shorts. She said that she loves them so much that she goes outside to check the mail in them and also to talk to her neighbors. Noel said she owns a lot of sex toys and that her current favorite is her Hitachi Magic Wand because it really does work magic on her!

Noel is an awesome girl and we are proud to have her on our site. Make sure to check her out in all her geeky glory at the following sites:

Personal site: